Smartness? Between Discourse and Practice

Accessing Data Analytics: Urban Commons as City Smartness

Carlos Smaniotto Costa: Universidade Lusófona, Portugal

George Artopoulos: The Cyprus Institute, Cyprus


KEYWORDS: Spatialised Cultural Interaction, Open Data, User Engagement

This session acknowledges that despite the significant use of ICT-based devises in public spaces, there is a lack of interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge between researchers and experts, which is a gap that it intends to bridge.

Almost a century ago Modernism challenged the structure of the city and reshaped its physical space, in order, between other pressing needs, to accommodate new networks for a healthy, safe, and easy environment to live in. This transformation has had a great impact on the way we still design, move in, occupy and experience the city. Today we are employing smart ‘technologies’ in our pursuit of the transformation of our urban infrastructures in such a way to allow for an easy, and sustainable, everyday experience of the city.

This session addresses the relationship between ICT and their use in public open spaces (urban parks, streets, squares, arcades, etc.), in the context of user engagement and smart association within the public sphere. The consequences of technology pervasiveness in this context will lead us to inquire how do ICT affect the use and appropriation of public open space, what are the risks and how new, emergent, agencies fit in the concept of a virtual society.

The session invites contributions regarding the impact of ICT and data analytics on social practices that could challenge spatial and social experts to use them in policies, design and research in order to produce responsive and inclusive urban places


The Use of Social-Media Data to Spatially Address Waterfront Development: the Case of the Sava River Waterfront in Belgrade, Serbia

  • Jugoslav Jokovic, Branislav Antonic, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Nis, Serbia, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Biosemiotics, geo-tagged data and Digital economy in smart city planning (WITHDRAWN)

  • Roxana Karam, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Connecting the dots: How do we do a different kind of smart?

  • Jonas Bylund, JPI Urban Europe, Austria