Smartness? Between Discourse and Practice



RV (Room Vehicle) Prototype, greg Lynn (2012)

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All papers submitted to the conference's various sessions are automatically submitted for consideration to be published in either the special conference issue of Architecture and Culture, the AHRA journal, or the Smartness? Between Discourse and Practice volume of the Routledge 'Critiques' (Critical Studies in Architectural Humanities) series.

Full papers will be required prior to the conference for session chairs, the editorial staff and the scientific committee to begin the selection and editorial process for publication (word limit 3000 words). The authors of the selected papers for publication maybe asked to extend or shorten their work for publication.


Journal: Architecture and Culture

A selection of papers presented at the conference will be selected for publication in Architecture and Culture's special issue. The selected papers will provide an overview of the range of topics discussed during the conference, presenting the topic of smart systems in architecture and urbanism through a multitude of perspectives.

Book: Smartness? Between Discourse and PRactice

This volume will be composed of a selection of long form essays developed from the best papers presented at the conference. Essays for this volume of Critiques will provide the most current perspectives on the political, cultural, social and societal impact, both explicit and implicit of smart systems in the ways we inhabit our buildings and our cities.