'Smart' Urban Heritage Management

Linda Shetabi: University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Lucille Tetley-Brown: University of Glasgow, United Kingdom


KEYWORDS: Urban, Heritage, Management, Historic, Conservation

The historic fabric which represents a city’s evolution and development is increasingly viewed as a set of assets that enhance the urban experience. These assets can create a sense of place, foster stronger communities, or help define unique identities that boost the urban economy by attracting investment in businesses, urban renewal projects and redevelopment opportunities. However, the unprecedented rise in urbanization trends has placed increased pressures on cities to utilize resources more efficiently, balancing development needs and carbon reduction targets while maintaining some of the historic fabric. It has therefore become imperative to manage heritage assets effectively and sensitively so that these continue to retain value and remain relevant to current and future generations.

This session aims to explore how urban heritage can be managed and maintained in a smart city. The range of questions the session seeks to explore includes, but is not limited to: How might smart technologies inform heritage policy? What smart tools are currently used and how have they assisted in managing urban heritage? How do these tools and technologies connect the intangible values associated with historic fabric to an increasing global population? How can information communication technologies, internet applications and other smart tools be used in view of budgetary constraints? What lessons have been learned and how can they be used to inform urban policy for an increasingly mixed range of pre- and post-1940’s urban fabric?


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